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August 10, 2015


You know you are Curious: Central Florida's First "Learn 2 Curl" Event Gets a Date and Venue


Contact: Bryan Pittard

Email: bryan@curlingorlando.com


You are invited to Orlando's Curling Club's first ever "Learn 2 Curl" event. The event will be held at 4pm on Saturday,  August 29th, 2015 at the RDV Ice Den in Maitland. After building up a grass-roots organization of curlers and curling-curious members over the past year, Orlando Curling Club is ready to invite all of central Florida to experience first-hand the joys of that quirky sport seen only every 4 years during the Winter Olympics.  You are welcome to join us no matter your age or experience level. This summer, the sport of curling will finally come to central Florida.


Orlando Curling Club's "Learn 2 Curl" will be a 2 and a half hour event and you will get to experience all of the essential aspects of the sport of curling. This will include learning basic curling terminology, practicing throwing "rocks" (curling stones), practicing sweeping the rocks down the ice, and culminating in attempting to land the rocks in the house (target). There will also be a reception after the event where you can meet our club members and learn how you can help us bring more curling events to central Florida.


Space is limited, so reserve your spot now at curlingorlando.com!





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Formed in 2014, Orlando Curling Club is recognized by both the US Curling Association and the Grand National Curling Club, and has an active social community excited about curling. Orlando Curling Club has regular meetings at the RDV Ice Den and social events at locations around central Florida.


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